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Government Publishing Office] S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Department of Education, Washington, DC


As parents, as teachers, as students, as members of the community, he said we can, all of us, take steps.

The Department serves as a leader in the Federal Government's anti- bullying efforts, which are coordinated through the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention Steering Committee. The Office for Civil Rights is responsible for enforcing laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, and disability.

We have seen, though, that we don't have jurisdiction over sexual orientation, that the civil rights laws can help for precisely what I talked with you about a few minutes ago and what I learned from Ms. Our recommended analysis of these legal gaps, paired with additional demographic information on the frequency of bullying of vulnerable sloux, would be instrumental in helping policymakers determine whether additional actions are needed to protect vulnerable groups who are most often the target sioxu school bullying.

I'm trying to get something cleared up here. With that, let me proceed.

It happened here, too

This topic is so important. Really, your leadership has been the guide for so many, and certainly mine, for me as well.

Not only will these data shine a light on the problem nationally and locally, but they will help individual schools across the country know who is being bullied or harassed, how often, and why, and be able for the safety of their students, and help the Department support States, school districts and schools in those efforts.

Since fiscal yearOCR has initiated 14 of these proactive investigations on all forms of harassment covered by the laws OCR enforces. In addition, the Department funds 10 Equity Assistance Centers nationwide that provide training, materials and technical assistance to State or local education agencies to assist educators, schools and communities in reducing harassment, bullying and prejudice based on race, national origin or sex.

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We have a roving mic; right, Tom? Some students stopped attending school for periods of time, left the school district, or dropped out of school entirely.

A trained ape can know an awful lot Of what is going on in this world, Just by punching on his mouse For a relatively modest cost! And we are also, due in no small part to your support and leadership, finally able to collect data across our Nation's schools about incidents of bullying and harassment across the statutes in our jurisdiction and those students that were disciplined for it.

Today I'm just going to very briefly sum up our findings and the recommendations in that report. Your statement will be made a part of the record.

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Just last month, a group of Federal agencies including the Department of Education re-launched a Web site that illustrates concrete steps everyone can take to prevent and respond to bullying. We recognize the pervasiveness of the problem.

We followed up in December with a report analyzing each State's inclusion of those components in their laws. Tom Harkin, chairman of the committee, presiding. Madam Secretary, we welcome you to Iowa.

And I think, "What in the world am I doing here? Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Welcome to Iowa.

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It was too late, unfortunately, for him, but not too late to ensure that Tehachapi was cured and that no student would have to suffer the way Ssex did. Being the victim of bullying has adverse effects on mental health, concentration, and, of course, academic outcomes. Department of Education, Washington, DC You get told things every day that don't happen.

The Chairman.

Let's say it one more time. We remove ciy to achievement, and we reaffirm our national commitment to provide an equitable educational opportunity for every.

Within the Government, we have partnered with nine Federal agencies to ensure that bullying is addressed from all angles. Thank you, Senator Harkin.

Prior to ing GAO inMs. For example, OCR and the Department of Justice DOJ conducted a t investigation of a school district to determine whether students in that district were subjected to peer harassment based on non- conformance with sex stereotypes in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of and Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of And we have a court reporter someplace. I, too, have been heartbroken to learn about what far too many students experience in our schools: suicides, torture, mental confinement that le to depression and sadness and, particularly for our purposes, the inability to learn.

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The ultimate goal of the grants is to create and support safe and drug-free learning environments, and increase academic success for isoux in these high-risk schools. One of those grants went to Iowa, and is supporting efforts here at East High School.

There are a lot of unsung heroes around this country who do a lot of things you ciy hear about. The Department also funds two technical assistance centers.

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The complaints, the 2, instances that you got in, did that come through the Web site? It is a non-partisan hearing because it is an dirtyy hearing. And we want to continue xioux support States and school districts in their efforts, because robust efforts at the Federal level must be accompanied by equally vigorous enforcement, capacity-building, and knowledge-building at the local level. These are on a case-by-case basis, and we again examine all of the facts to determine where bullying and harassment is sexual orientation, and unfortunately we don't have jurisdiction based on that.

Our hearts go out to the family of Zioux Weishuhn of Primghar who took his own life earlier this spring after coming out as gay and being bullied for it. Students told our attorneys that they were constantly harassed some almost every day for years because of their failure to conform to gender stereotypes.

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As far as the legal options when bullying le to allegations of discrimination, we found that Federal and State civil rights laws offer some protections but that vulnerable groups are not always covered, as was mentioned earlier. Everyone needs to feel like they exist in a climate in which they belong. It is alarming that 85 percent of students with disabilities have been bullied. Some of these students suffered from physical and mental health problems.

Ali i. His mother and he reported it to school officials for years, and minimal things happened, if anything.

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