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Resuming the debate adjourned on April 29,on the motion for second wanf of the following bill:. I can't help but reflect on some of the comments that the Minister of Agriculture and Food shared in her opening comments. There was one particular phrase. She asked a question: "How do we best increase demand for and access to local food across the province?


I would encourage the Premier to have a look at that discussion paper. Agriculture in the classroom has been around for some time. That, I think, wan most disrespectful. Here's the explanatory note:. There are no objectives, no measurable goals nor measurable outcomes. The sacrament of baptism is the right of initiation into the Christian community.

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This is so common sense. The owner-chef is Jay Klausen. He told me that you could see all of the class 1 farmland in Ontario from the CN Tower, and that's part of my riding.

They all deserve this special recognition and grateful acknowledgement and are why we do not want this important week replaced. It's something we could do. The member from Huron-Bruce, as I said, knows what she's talking about, has a lot a lot to offer, and I commend her remarks to everyone's attention.

Ocala Orchards, which is Irwin and Alissa Smith, is a historic family farm that is home to a vineyard, orchard, winery and retail shop. This bill seems to try to superimpose on that this whole ideal of feeling crdemore about the Local Food Act. Baptism in the United Church is recognized by all denominations of the Christian faith. There is a list of 50 farms marketing local food-almost all farms in Clarington, Scugog and Uxbridge within my riding.

Within each one of those communities, there are many agricultural communities-tier 1 communities-that I think make Ontario the strong base that it is today.

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Watson Farm offers extensive pick-your-own products, as well as a roide market in Bowmanville. It's a great spot. It is unfortunate to see that, because it is such a fantastic place. We're talking about resources and we're talking about organization of the things that are already in place.

We spent months here talking about bullying in the province, which is a huge concern for people-clearly everyone's against bullying-but the net result creemoree anti-bullying week. I hope that all parties will work on this and actually make the necessary investments to make this a healthier province. I was happy to hear the member from Simcoe-Grey, however, talk about the support from the Conservatives for food literacy in schools.

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That's astounding and it's embarrassing, and it needs to change. Our member brings that. This is a shame and an embarrassment, and that's in that context, Mr.

This is common sense stuff here. I'll list a few for those here today.

Similarly, we recognize the baptisms of people from other churches. They have, I think, 3, or 4, acres themselves.

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Children are valued members of our church and are welcome during the time of worship. For this to be the first bill-and so far the only bill-for her to introduce to address the issues that plague the agricultural community, it's certainly clear that our part-time Minister of Agriculture is falling short of her responsibilities.

Our critic Mr. A truck-washing station for a dairy that gets bulk milk trucks is a necessity.

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But I will always speak on behalf of the people of Algoma-Manitoulin and creemorw the inaction of this government to help them. We aspire to have a Local Food Act that would include measures to further incent producers and processors towards environmentally sustainable practices. Agriculture Week has always served to creemoee how much we continue to rely on agriculture and the products made by the agricultural industry in our daily lives.

This is a family-owned market garden run by the Mckay family, including Rod, Marlene, Jordan and Alex.

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Well, she can't ti up with it. I think I've got a good reference here. When you look at Local Food Week, not only as a set-aside time but also as part of this bill, this is an urban focus. I think of Youngfield Farms as an example of two young, intelligent brothers who farm.

How much hot water? A third concern with this bill is its failure to address the various challenges Ontario's food system and agriculture sector is facing. That included the township of King.

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It's a prime example of where there has to be something in the Local Food Act, some kind of framework, where the regulation makes sense for the size of the processor and for the individual conditions of the processor. Clearly, we're going to pass this on judt committee. This bill really is kind of a shameful experience of exploitation of agriculture.

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