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Greetings from twin falls wanna chat

Greetings from twin falls wanna chat

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Jump to Skip. There must be constant vigilance by "we, the people" to ensure that our constitutional rights are defended! We must avoid destroying, while attempting to protect our constition.


THat is ludicrous! Anne - OR.

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We have to defend our freedoms, our Constitution, and our fdom of life. Erasing our freedoms reduces us to authoritarianism, serfdom and willy nilly justice.

No more fear, hatred. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what have made us a shining greetinvs to the rest of the world. The laws that invade our privacy and target groups by race or religion are unconstitutional and need to be repealed.

A commitment to the constitution - your messages

David - OR. In todays time we are living in a police state. Let us look forward with courage instead, and once more be the Land of the Free. Angel - IL. We rebuild!!! We must remain diigent We must remain diligent as a nation undivided in actively maintaining and recovering our constitution.

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Greetimgs hearts go out to their families. Since we have given up our civil liberties, I can honestly say the terrorists got exactly what they wanted.

Carol - CA. Ashwin - MA.

"episode 8"

Brian - NY. David - FL. Islam, Muslims are with you calling for prayer for the country. What I didn't anticipate is that, with the Patriot Act, we would have to fear our own Government.

Because of the diversity in our nation, we cannot profile any group of individuals and be consistent with the foundational principles of our U. I pledge to continue taking a stand Charles - TX. I keep my pledge as a civil libertarian and a constitution protector by making these statements and issues in front talls myself, and my friends, as the opportunity presents itself. Eileen - CA. We need to be strong and maintain our freedom, once we lose our freedoms or give them away, then they have already won.

It proclaims intent to equalize the rights of human beings eventually, and such direction as worthy of the blood and sweat of generations to come. Do not give in to fear. We allowed small minded bigotry to set our foreign policy and made civil rights unpatriotic.

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The politics of fear and hatred have shredded our Constitution. The Republicans are really good at framing things so that bad appears to be good and they have the best help money can buy to accomplish this. This country of ours spends more on these professional killers that all other counties combined. The Patriot Act and ongoing invasion of privacy through the Security Industry is appalling and bankrupting the United States both ideologically and financially. Freedom will always involve risk.

Darlene - AZ. I belive in gov. Brenda - MI.

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This is uncivilised. Imagine what a George W. Our freedoms and our Constitution and Bill of Rights must not be compromised because then the enemy will have won. Cheryl - AZ. We must undo the wrongs that were committed!

Worship the nature not curse will be for you what you want it to be. – love is nothing without faith – forget the rest.

The resulting cells are called gametes, and contain only half the genetic material of the parent cells. Shame on us for allowing that to happen.

Amy - CO. Please note that I am an 80 year-old prof emeritus who was never rich. It is the duty of every American to defend the protections we have in the Constitution. Bob - IN. They are the source of our self-respect, and the way we earn the respect of the world. I am a fighter for my grandchildren rights and my. These freedoms need to be restored immediately. It is time to take care of those rescuers' wounds and illnesses brought on by their service at Ground Zero.

And, as Lincoln said

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