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David T. By reviewing these documents the Review Panel will quickly understand how we responded and revised the Project as per the review. The experimental tasks in the Project were modi- fied from those presented to the Peer Re- view Panel as per the suggestions provide in their review document.


Wise EPA D. During the fireworks at Look Park last summer, for example, the park took 15 percent of their gross profits for the day, which, he says, is better than paying a flat fee. Ingham OSU D.

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In order to document major changes occurring in the forest floor and the mineral soil during the subsequent years Provision should be made for archiving plant and sod 21 material for comparison with future experiments and for calibration of fulure analysis methods Interactions Responsibility for overall project management needs to be clearly ased, responsibilities for each of he individual scientists invoked in carrying out major project tasks was not evident in the research plan It is recommended that team interactions be given careful thought, as they will be important in planning and carrying out the scientific research and in communicating the In a timely manner.

These comments from the Panel were grouped into 8 separate areas and our response to those comments follows the same organization.

We feel that the fungal community resident on roots of bareroot nursery stock originating from a well- prepared, fumigated nursery bed is likely to be limited to a handful of morpho-types. The exact manipula- tion experiments have not been identified, but the work done in the RS-BIOME will be monitored to assure compatibility among users.

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Production Company: Paramount Pictures Corp. Consider stable isotope measures We would like to do this but do not have sufficient personnel or financial resources to do this at this time. Utah B. Utah J. State LA C.

The current research plan was undear in this regard Factors such as soil temperature and water potential could be of value in guiding sampling intensity. H seems clear that he of this study will have ificant and immediate impact on our understanding of the basic ecological consequences of climate change. If sufficient soil is available after partitioning samples for all other analyses, and personnel are available, we will undertake some limited work to make comparisons between biomass values determined from direct counts versus other methods as suggested by the Panel.

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Two minirhizotron tubes scored for length are located in each planting area: one at 10 cm depth, the other at 40 cm depth. The TERA site should be mmobile to 24 chambers at the earliest opportunity.

Buchmann U. Additional arrangements are being finalized to cooperate with students from the Tryckthe Botany and Plant Pathology Department to become involved with the mycorrhizal fungi morpho-type separations and foodweb analyses Restoration of soil profiles The addition of fresh A horizon Task 5 will be done to help restore the biology of the terracosms soil.

Tingey TO. It was not clear from the Draft Document just how efforts among the various tasks would be bluf integrated Nor was it evident just how mooeling and expenmental efforts would be melded With respect to modeling, it is recommended thai modeling efforts include work on conceptual models at the single plant level on production, water relations, and nutrient dynamics.

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Since the meso ano macro biotic component of the litter as well as the microbiotic suite is essential to a realistic assessment of decomposition, fresh litter from a siie near the collection point as well as the surface 5 cm of surface sod should be placed in the Terracosms io establish a flora and fauna consistent with those in the undisturbed state Ltaf packs Litter bags may exclude important fragmenting organisms. Litter decay studies could be made more realistic by using needle litler packs, rather than enclosed litter bags Tnska and Sedell,Ecology, Scheduling of mlnlrhlzotron sampling.

The soil in the RS- BIOME is the same as in the Terracosms, and its depth profile closely matches that in the Terra- cosms down to 70 cm [litter layer 6 cmA horizon 10 cmand B horizon 43 cm ; placed over a coarse gravel bed covered with geotextile cloth]. Fine roots We will segregate roots by size in both the destructive harvests and the minirhizotron data, but at this time there is no plan to segregate by branching order as the personnel are not available for this task.

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In support of the point, specific environmental conditions should be used as the criteria for mimmizotron sampling at frequeni intervals versus infrequent intervals. On the other hand, there are Ifcely to be concerns over cnat size of the plant material in the terracosms and the ramifications of teuckthe crowding on plant behavior. Community education We have developed a brochure for the general public and are conducting tours of the experimental site for various public education groups.

Rygiewtcz P.

Dark blue sex chat mobile truckthe forest

Mg, Na. Rygiewicz EPA F. Lin U.

Training Cooperative Agreements We are in the process drak establishing Training Cooperative Agreements to provide education opportunities for studies in the environmental sciences. After this first sort, additional analyses will be done to track "downward" nucleic acid "fingerprints" the changes in the community structure of the fungi forming these "morpho-types", and also to track "upward" soil foodweb the organisms in the rhizosphere and soil immediately surrounding the various mycorrhizal fungal "moipho-types".

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This left seven tasks involved with direct daily experimental activities to collect hypoth- esis-testing data. Timing of growth measurements The timing of above- and belowground measurements have been more closely coordinated and linked to phenologjcal events.

Tark 8: Soil Organic Matter Processing of carbon in the seedlings and in soil is one of the important research foci of this Project. Sampling intensity may be reduced by usjng intensive sampling periods only tfuckthe needed to investigate specific questions Scoping studies may enable sensitive time periods to be determined Consideration should be given to collecting adequate datB to answer specific questions and test hypotheses, but to avoid overemphasis ol time-consuming minirhizotron image 19 analysis, due to the relatrve ease with which Images can be obtained.

We established a weather station at the low elevation site in and will establish similar weather stations at the mid- and high elevations sites in the summer

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