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Comic chat

Comic chat

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Comic Chat's main feature, which set it apart from other IRC clients, is that it enabled comic avatars to represent a user; this character could express a specified emotion, possibly making IRC chatting a more emotive and expressive experience. All of the comic characters and backgrounds were initially created by comic artist Jim Woodring.


Comic Chat is a radically different kind of internet chat program, released by Microsoft in Includes a full interview with David Kurlander in Comic Chat.

This could have been a totally flavorless corporate thing instead. Tokyo, Japan. Not all ships moved to Mako! This was last modified on 13 Mayat HeckFeck on Nov 14, There are so many wild and wonderful things that came out of 90s Microsoft.

A trip down memory lane: microsoft comic chat

The first version of Comic Chat was release in when we were all running Windows 95, even to run our businesses. I loved this - chay was a wonderful hybrid of direct chat with simplistic graphical representation of how people would express themselves in chat before the existence of graphical emoticons.

It's definitely a unique format for humour. I have been thinging of that one for many years but didn't know the name to search for. As the user moves the selector from the center of the circle towards an expression at the periphery, the character's emotion becomes more intense. What am I missing The more babies aborted, the larger the stem cell resource market!

Sequencing microsoft comic chat

MMOs kind of took over from it, Ragnarok Online being the main one. In it was bundled with several other fonts in Microsoft's Core Fonts for the Web project and subsequent versions of Microsoft Windowsleading to its notoriety among the digerati. This was also around the same time most people were connecting via dialup that was bought in packs of chxt hours. They are currently interested in laws supporting aborting one's baby even up till the moment of birth!

Microsoft comic chat

The more chat, the more panels that are generated by Comic Chat. It looks like it's just a bunch of dick jokes, but if you look deeper, you realize that it's seriously so many dick jokes. Each balloon is algorithmically generated to appear comkc drawn. On the left of the application appears a scrolling canvas of graphical panels. Microsoft Research MSR.

Comic Chhat was localized into 24 different languages, and had millions of users throughout the world. And now we have been blessed with VR chat more than 20 years later. Comic Chat:. So I spend my money and time preserving this program and all that I can recover in hopes that one day others will re-discover the awesomeness of this wonderful, fun, exciting method of communicating.

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ccomic It was a certainly innovative, but maybe its ability to get kids involved in the internet at a time it was sort of the wild west contributed to it going away. Jump to:search. Some cool ideas in the initial prototype never made it into the final project.

Loughla on Nov 14, Looking back, the early days of our internet use were so weird. Your avatar is a character in a living comic strip along with other users. Edit: Changed the name to 'Microsoft Music Producer', as has been kindly identified below.

Multi-language download for microsoft comic chat program

Fjolsvith on Nov 16, I downloaded it but had to do the patching on my 32 bit Windows 10 computer. It would be interesting to create something like this for the MUD experience. Although DJ got 2 patents for this program, anytime you work for a corporation, the patents you get char belong to the company. TecoAndJix cbat Nov 14, You need to be versed in the deep lore to understand it, basically.

New Orleans, LA. Multiple languages [1]. General topics.

Comic chat - resources

In DecemberThe Microsoft Network introduced a show-based format, in which high quality multimedia content was produced around several themes. Tom and Ray Magliozzi also known as "Click and Clack". A widget called the "emotion wheel" allowed users to override the program's choice of expression. And now I'm wondering if the simplicity you describe was just skin deep Many talented folks helped DJ create and deliver Vhat Chat over the years.

Ms comic chat character list

Mugshots of the chatroom's participants appear in the upper right comid comics form of course! He's one of my favorite and most surrealistic comic artists!

Download as PDF Printable version. Comic Chat is a radically different kind of internet chat program, released by Microsoft in To download Comic Chat, and get started using the application, simply follow the instructions here.

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